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Backdoor Definition

A method of bypassing normal authentication or securing remote access to a computer, while attempting to remain hidden from casual inspection. Did my definition help you understand Backdoor? If not, […]

FA Management Definition

FA Management ensures that financial books reflect current fixed assets balances accurately, and manages the inventory control count. (NEEDS REVISION FROM EFO FA) For more on FA Management, banking definitions […]

Assisted Servicing Definition

Direct client servicing facilitated by contact with a live customer service representative of the enterprise. Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Assisted Servicing every day. You will […]

Product Servicing Definition

Product Servicing includes all the steps and activities (operations) required to maintain or service (renew) a product for existing clients as specified in the servicing agreement. E.g. – Product feature […]

Account Servicing Definition

Account Servicing includes all the steps and operations required to maintain/renew an account for existing clients as specified in the servicing agreement. E.g. – Address change for a RRSP account. […]

Product Fulfilment Definition

Product fulfilment completes or executes an agreement with a client to sell banking product. It involves the processing the application and the account set-up as per the chosen product specifications. […]

Working capital Definition

Current assets less current liabilities, representing the required investment to finance stock, debtors and work in progress. For more on Working capital, banking definitions and the meaning of banking terms […]

Venture Capital Definition

Venture Capital is a pool of funds. The aim is to provide funds to start-up businesses, or businesses which are exposed to a new market but are short of funds […]

Liability Definition

Liability defines an obligation to pay an amount or to give services or goods to other business or individuals. Example for a Liability are Pre-paid cards in which the user […]

Quick Ratio Definition

Quick ratio or acid test ratio is the indicator of business short term obligations or current liquidity. The ratio is calculated by dividing the difference of assets and inventory to […]

Business Data Integration Definition

Consolidation and integration of the bank’s organizational, policy, procedural and other business related data. I hope you enjoy today’s terms. Reading up on one new word per day will really […]

Opportunity Cost Definition

Opportunity cost is the cost incurred for computing the best utilization of your income or asset. For example if you decide to invest in a security that yields a 2% […]

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