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Split Definition

Split is an act of splitting the stocks by a publically traded business. The stock split will increase the number of shares and reduce the per share price so that [...]

Investment Definition

An asset or an item purchased by an individual or a business in a hope that it will generate money in future is called investment. The purchase can be stocks [...]

Impairments Definition

All banks must recognise the cost to the business, known as an impairment loss or provision, of actual and potential bad debts from customers who are unable to repay borrowed [...]

Surety Bond Definition

1) A certificate issued by an entity on behalf of other entity that gives a guarantee to a third party that the obligation held by the concern entity will fulfil. [...]

Profit Before Tax (PBT) Definition

A profitability measure that looks at a company’s profits before the company pays corporate income?tax. This measure?deducts all expenses from revenue, including interest expenses and?operating expenses, and impairments?but it leaves [...]

Triple Net Lease Definition

Triple net lease is a lease in which all the payable costs are the responsibility of the lessee. These costs include property tax, net insurance and net maintenance. The landlord [...]

Amortization Definition

Amortization is basically a schedule that determines the cost of an intangible asset at a given period of time, for example a specialist mining truck worth $10 million lasts 10 [...]

Share Definition

A share is a certificate that depicts the ownership of an individual or a business of a publically traded business. The share is the smallest unit of ownership that can [...]

Loan Definition

A Loan is a written agreement by which cash or property is transferred from its owner to a borrower for a specified period with interest. Usually the lending party is [...]

Process Methodology Definition

A documented approach for performing processes and activities in a coherent, consistent, accountable, and repeatable manner across the enterprise. We have thousands of other terms listed on and are [...]

External Communication Definition

Ability to effectively communicate to and receive feedback from clients, vendors or other 3rd party clients about the fulfilment of transactions, service requests, and any related processes (i.e. mail services, [...]

Float Management Definition

Float management is designed to minimize the incoming float or cash time and to maximize the outgoing float time. This is a method to manage and generate spread For more [...]

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