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Will Definition

A will is a document that states how and to whom the property of an individual or business is transferred. This document is legal and usually a court is needed […]

Asset Definition

An item or a resource of a economic value that a business owns, and that generates a cash flow in the future, is known as the Assets of a Business. […]

Competitive Intelligence Definition

The processes, technologies, and organization structures required to gather, analyse, and apply information about products/services domain constituents, customers, and competitors in order to support, short, mid, and long term planning […]

Rule Traceability Definition

The ability to trace and manage the linkages of business rules that apply/ were applied to a given business scenario, transaction, or action request. Come back to every time […]

Globalization Definition

The tendency of businesses to invest beyond their domestic and national market is globalization. As communications became easy due to growth in information technology pro and anti-globalization groups have developed. […]

Information quality assurance Definition

Information quality assurance is the process of profiling the data to discover inconsistencies, and other anomalies in the data and performing validation and cleansing activities to improve the quality of […]

Sales Planning Definition

Account Planning, Territory Planning, Sales & Financial forecasting More on banking definitions later this week, when I write my next post. Sales Planning. Please bookmark us and leave a comment. […]

Rule Composition Definition

The ability to identify, formalize, define, and compose business rules. Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Rule Composition every day. You will start to leap ahead of […]

Financial Data Modelling Analytics Definition

Financial Data Modelling Analytics relates to providing analysis of financial data such that it facilitates business decision making and understanding of the business itself. For example, identify key relationship between […]

Return Definition

Return is the profit or loss amount a business experience when it invests. This return is expressed in terms of a percentage. In securities the rate of return is the […]

Currency Definition

Currency is a form of money that is governed by a body and is in public circulation. It can be in a hard form, coins, or in a soft form […]

Annuity Definition

Annuity is a product offered by insurance companies or investment banks to which an individual or business contributes and gets a stream of equal payments monthly or in contingent periods. […]

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