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Economy Of Scale Definition

A reduction in the per unit price of goods or product or service by a business that is a result of increase in production or services. There are two types […]

Risk Definition

Risk is an uncertainty that is associated with an investment. This uncertainty is due to the investors thinking that the return on investment is according to the expectation or not. […]

Accessibility Definition

The management of the process of making the online channel accessible to people with disabilities or functional gaps. Accessibility refers to the possibility for everyone, regardless of physical or technological […]

Rule Orchestration Definition

The ability to compose, coordinate and synthesize of a set of business rules with respect to existing business rules. More on banking definitions tomorrow, so please come back for more […]

Turnover Definition

Turnover is often referred to an inventory or account receivable. Turnover is also a measured of number of share traded for a specific period in a portfolio. In case of […]

Current Assets Definition

Current Assets are those which are easily converted into cash within a specific financial period of a business, usually less than a year. The current Assets of a company can […]

Accrual Basis Accounting Definition

This is a type of accounting that accurately determines the financial position of a business by recording the receivables and payables regardless of the cash flow. Accrual Accounting enables the […]

Project Mgmt. Definition

The discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that these resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, time and cost constraints […]

Technical Analysis Definition

Technical Analysis is a study of securities and market variables that helps making investment decisions. The technical analyst based their decision on trade volume, demand and volatility. The ultimate goal […]

Divestiture Definition

Divestiture is the process of elimination of an asset from a business. This happens due to the fact that a business has acquired more than that it can administer or […]

Debt Definition

Debit is an amount owed by a business to a third party. Put simply it is a loan or a bond which the business has to pay to its creditors […]

Operating Expenses Definition

These are the costs of the bank’s business activities e.g. staff salaries, property costs, IT costs etc. I hope that my definition has helped you understand what Operating Expenses is. […]

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