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Client Analytics Management Definition

Analytics leverage data in a particular functional process (or application) to enable context-specific insight that is actionable. Analytics comprises all programming that analyses data about an enterprise’s customers and presents […]

Income Definition

Income is the earnings of a business and is an amount that is left after all the expenses have been paid, like salaries, rents, depreciation costs, taxes and other debts. […]

Share Definition

A share is a certificate that depicts the ownership of an individual or a business of a publically traded business. The share is the smallest unit of ownership that can […]

Campaign Reporting Analytics Definition

The management of the reporting of marketing campaigns to generate insight on their effectiveness in achieving marketing objectives. More on banking definitions later this week, when I write my next […]

EBITDA Margin Definition

EBITDA margin is an indicator of business core profitability. It is a ratio of EBITDA to revenues. Please browse the site for more words and abbreviations that you need to […]

Fair value unwind Definition

Fair value unwind is an accounting mechanism which ensures the value of assets is reflected accurately over time. Our life is a learning experience. Every day make sure you learn […]

Defence In Depth Definition

Defence In Depth is the approach of using multiple layers of security to guard against failure of a single security component. For more on Defence In Depth, banking definitions and […]

Service Level Management Definition

The management and monitoring of agreed to service levels for given service/action request, client relationships or client types, priority/severity levels, etc. I hope you enjoy today’s terms. Reading up on […]

Contract Definition

A legally binding agreement between two or more businesses to perform some specified task is called a contract. Usually a contract is associated with employment, sale, lease and tenancy. The […]

Hedge Fund Definition

Hedge funds are somewhat like mutual funds, but in practice they differ a great deal and have different sets of rules. They allow aggressive strategies including short selling, high leverage, […]

Common Stock Definition

Common Stock or ordinary shares is a type of security that represents the ownership of business thus giving its holder voting rights in the various company matters such as electing […]

In Lieu Of Definition

The process of avoiding foreclosure when a borrower mortgages a loan. This saves the time and cost in the loan procedure, public notoriety and makes the owner able to take […]

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