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Client Servicing Definition

Providing client services by satisfying information inquiries initiated by the client. This is usually unattached to a specific product. Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Client Servicing […]

Service Level Management Definition

The management and monitoring of agreed to service levels for given service/action request, client relationships or client types, priority/severity levels, etc. I hope you enjoy today’s terms. Reading up on […]

Accrual Basis Accounting Definition

This is a type of accounting that accurately determines the financial position of a business by recording the receivables and payables regardless of the cash flow. Accrual Accounting enables the […]

Security Definition

Security is a certificate that shows the ownership of an individual or business in a publicly traded business. Securities are represented as stocks and bonds and their derivatives which are […]

Operating Expenses Definition

These are the costs of the bank’s business activities e.g. staff salaries, property costs, IT costs etc. I hope that my definition has helped you understand what Operating Expenses is. […]

Process Engineering Definition

The ability to apply a rigorous and disciplined methodology that utilizes data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company’s operational performance, practices and systems. Our life is a […]

Yield Definition

The yield is the measure of the annual rate of return and is expressed as a percentage or simply a percentage return on an investment. For securities yield is the […]

Monopoly Definition

Monopoly is a condition that occurs when there is a one business controlling certain service or certain type of product. A Monopoly is the extreme case in capitalism and suggests […]


A party that issues securities.  The creation of Issuers will be triggered by security set up.  Issuers may be sourced from external data feeds and rules will be put in […]

Operational Data Integration Definition

Consolidation and integration of the bank’s operational data. Operational data includes all the key information about the internal running of the bank.  This could include MI (Management Information) such as […]

Contract Definition

A legally binding agreement between two or more businesses to perform some specified task is called a contract. Usually a contract is associated with employment, sale, lease and tenancy. The […]

Client Portfolio Management Definition

The process of managing money, including investments, budgeting, banking and taxes; where assets(products) are combined into a portfolio that fits the investor’s preferences (e.g., level of risk) and needs. Today […]

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