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Libor Definition

LIBOR, London Inter-Bank Offer Rate, is a benchmark widely used for short term loans. The borrowers and lenders are large banks and borrow huge amounts and the borrowing is done […]

Keylogger Definition

A keylogger record the keys pressed on your keyboard while you are using your computer to capture passwords or other sensitive information such as credit card details.? Keyloggers can take […]

Brute Force Attack Definition

Trial and error attempt to discover a password. Join our mailing list or RSS feed for more advice on investment explanations Brute Force Attack. And why not leave a comment […]

Project Mgmt. Definition

The discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that these resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, time and cost constraints […]

Financial Leverage Definition

Financial leverage is the debt to asset ratio of a business. If most production of a business is financed by borrowed money the company has more debt and thus greater […]

Loan Definition

A Loan is a written agreement by which cash or property is transferred from its owner to a borrower for a specified period with interest. Usually the lending party is […]

Debt/Equity Ratio Definition

This ratio is the financial indicator of a company’s leverage. The basic formula to obtain it is to divide the total liabilities of a company by its stockholders equity. If […]

Common Stock Definition

Common Stock or ordinary shares is a type of security that represents the ownership of business thus giving its holder voting rights in the various company matters such as electing […]

Letter Of Credit Definition

A Letter of credit (L/C) is a letter issued by a bank on behalf of a buyer to the respective seller that guarantees the payment of the specified sum. An […]

Gross New Lending Definition

The total value of new loans advanced in a given time period. Repayments and other adjustments are excluded. Our life is a learning experience. Every day make sure you learn […]

Leverage Definition

Leverage is the degree of utilization of borrowed money. The high leverage business is at risk of bankruptcy since they may default on their debts. Many businesses use leverage to […]

Cryptography Definition

Cryptography garbles a message in such a way that anyone who intercepts the message cannot understand it. Another great day at work and I am feeling fantastic – even if […]

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