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Funds Transfer Management Definition

Money that is withdrawn from one account and transferred into a different account. Ensuring funds are transferred from one account to another as per a pre-ordained time line Come back […]

Botnet Definition

A large number of hijacked computers (Zombies) under the remote control of a single person via net-based command and control system. Typically the person controlling the Botnet will use it […]

Broker Definition

A broker is a licensed individual or a firm that acts as an intermediary in a sales purchase agreement between two parties and charges a commission at a specified rate. […]

Financial Analysis Management Definition

Refers to supporting business and finance functions on all financial and resource reporting (e.g. headcount, budgeting, cost allocations). Key activities include: provision of financial level information, identification of areas of […]

Tax Definition

Tax is an amount that a business or an individual owes to a government. There are different slabs on which the tax is calculated and is usually yearly basis. Tax […]

Turnover Definition

Turnover is often referred to an inventory or account receivable. Turnover is also a measured of number of share traded for a specific period in a portfolio. In case of […]

3rd Party, Gov & Reg Data Integration Definition

the process of combining regulatory and 3rd data residing at different sources and providing the user with a unified view Come back to every time you need to define […]

Quote Generation Definition

The capability of presenting a potential client with a price for product or service. New expert advice on definitions and glossary terms every single day. Please join the mailing list […]

GL management Definition

GL management plans, controls and monitors a company’s accounting records such as all the financial accounts and statements of a business. Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like […]

Volatility Definition

The gain or loss recognised by the business from fluctuations in the value of securities held. Please browse the site for more words and abbreviations that you need to know. […]

Short Sale Definition

Short sale is a practice used in hedge funds and is done when an investor believes that the price of securities will fall. The investor will then buy back the […]

Payee Management Definition

The management of a client’s payees. Includes the ability to add, change or remove payees. Join our mailing list or RSS feed for more advice on investment explanations Payee Management. […]

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