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Recession Definition

Recession is a period of negative GDP growth, high unemployment and temporary downward trends in economic activity. Recession is also marked by decline in productivity and investments. I hope you […]

Active Content Definition

Program code embedded in the contents of a web page. When the page is accessed by a web browser, the embedded code is automatically downloaded and executed on the user’s […]

Current Ratio Definition

Current ratio or cash asset ratio is the financial indicator of company’s health in meeting its short term debt. The indicator helps the company to make financial decisions such as […]

Demarketing Definition

Reducing the demand for a product or decreasing consumption For more on Demarketing, banking definitions and the meaning of banking terms please come back soon, and bookmark this article using […]

External Communication Definition

Ability to effectively communicate to and receive feedback from clients, vendors or other 3rd party clients about the fulfilment of transactions, service requests, and any related processes (i.e. mail services, […]

Enterprise Data Mgmt. Definition

A strategic approach to selecting the right business processes, technologies, and governance in order to effectively and efficiently manage all of the data in the enterprise from source to storage […]

Billing Services Definition

Billing service produces bill(s) by using accounting information for service rendered or purchased product. Our life is a learning experience. Every day make sure you learn something new. Learn investment […]

Indexing Definition

Indexing = pertains to record keeping, the process of establishing and applying terms or codes to records, to be used to retrieve them and to search for and analyse information […]

Identity Theft Definition

The crime of obtaining a business or individual’s financial information is termed identity theft. The sole purpose of identity thieves is to utilize your good will, brand name, personal identity […]

Share capital Definition

The balance sheet nominal value paid into the company by shareholders at the time shares were issued. Join our mailing list or RSS feed for more advice on investment explanations […]

Fundamental Analysis Definition

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating the securities of a business. Considering macroeconomic factors, the analysts carefully study the financial growth, business assets, investment and other financial and managerial […]

Dividend Definition

The percentage amount of a business earning that a business is liable to pay to its shareholders is called the Dividend. Typically the dividend value is given per share and […]

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