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Payee Management Definition

The management of a client’s payees. Includes the ability to add, change or remove payees. Join our mailing list or RSS feed for more advice on investment explanations Payee Management. […]

Process Engineering Definition

The ability to apply a rigorous and disciplined methodology that utilizes data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company’s operational performance, practices and systems. Our life is a […]

Internal Communication Definition

Ability to effectively communicate to front office staff, and other stakeholders about the fulfilment of transactions, service requests, and any related processes (i.e. mail services, mortgage closings, adjudications, pay/ no-pay, […]

Monitoring Definition

The tracking of individual processes (as they are executed) in order to facilitate assessment, evolution, and improvement. More on banking definitions tomorrow, so please come back for more on what […]

Buffer Overflow Definition

A buffer overflow is a condition where a process attempts to store data in memory locations that were not intended by the software designer. The result is that the extra […]

Adware Definition

Unwanted programs that, once installed, bombard users with unwanted adverts. Some adware poses as fake computer security software. Can be very hard to remove. More on banking definitions tomorrow, so […]

Corporation Definition

A Corporation is an entity that is separated from its owner, unlike sole proprietorship. The process by which an entity becomes a corporation is incorporation. The major benefit to a […]

Transaction Fulfilment Definition

The ability to effectively process a transaction to produce customer value. End-to-end process ownership of CPB transactions (Personal, Business, Mortgages, CC, Private Client Group. Transaction fulfilment is typically a one-time […]

Opportunity Management Definition

Prospecting, Pre-call planning, identifying qualified client prospects Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Opportunity Management every day. You will start to leap ahead of your peers and […]

REIT Definition

REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust, a type of security which invests directly in the real estate market. The advantage of REIT is that it gives its investor a […]

Fed Definition

The Fed is a federal reserve system appointed by the President of the USA. The main function is to design monitory policy for the financial institutions, regulate interest rates, and […]

Current assets Definition

Cash and anything that is expected to be converted into cash within twelve months of the balance sheet date. Did my definition help you understand Current assets? If not, please […]

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