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OASDI (Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance) Definition

OASDI is used to represent Social Security and Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance which is funded by the federal government in the United States. Another great day at work […]

Cost management Definition

Management of cost related activities achieved by collecting, analysing, evaluating, and reporting cost information used for budgeting, estimating, forecasting and monitoring costs. Please browse the site for more words and […]

Blackhat Definition

A hacker that focuses on identifying security vulnerabilities and using the information for malicious or criminal activity. More on banking definitions later this week, when I write my next post. […]

Bankruptcy Definition

When a business is unable to repay its outstanding debts to the creditors then the business may decide a fair settlement for the creditors and that process is called bankruptcy. […]

Opportunity Management Definition

Prospecting, Pre-call planning, identifying qualified client prospects Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Opportunity Management every day. You will start to leap ahead of your peers and […]

Change Mgmt. Definition

Change management enables a planned approach of a change in an organization. Includes the ability to control and manage changes to any aspect of how the firm offers / secures/ […]

Preferred Stock Definition

Preference share or preferred stock is a type of stock that gives its owner a variety of benefits such as fixed dividends and a greater safety of their invested amount. […]

Accounts Receivable Definition

The Account Receivable shows the amount owed to the business against its services to the other business or by selling products to the customer but not yet billed. Accounts receivable […]

Overdraft Management Definition

OM directs and controls the use of an instant extension of credit from a lending institution, generally associated with a cash / deposit product but may also apply to revolving […]

Order Definition

An order is an instruction to the broker by a business or individual to sell or purchase a particular security. There are different types of order. 1) Market Order, to […]

Sweeping Definition

Sweeping uses all available cash flow into another account, instrument or for the repayment of debt service. A sweep account is an account from which the bank takes all of […]

Notification Definition

The management of the sets of event alerts and notifications (pending, active, complete). The ability to notify bank staff, clients, and third parties of upcoming, past, and completed events. I […]

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