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Workflow Analytics Definition

The ability to gather, analyse, and apply information about workflow throughout the enterprise. Today I spent 3 hours in meetings, then came out and wrote this. Phew. Time for lunch. […]

Account Renewal Definition

Includes all the steps involved in renewing an account for an existing client We have thousands of other terms listed on and are rapidly becoming the authoritative source on […]

Forex Definition

A market where currencies are bought and sold is called Forex. This is largest and most liquid market in the world and is open 24hrs and 5 days a week. […]

Reconciliation management Definition

Internal Reconciliations ensure that all accounts positions internal to the organization are in balance (i.e. Assets to Liabilities). Come back soon for more on Reconciliation management and investment explanations. Please […]

Insurance Definition

Insurance is a contract or a policy that ensures a business or an individual has protection in case of future loses. This is usually an agreed set of terms, insurance […]

Commodity Definition

A good of a physical nature that is exchanged with another of a similar type can be termed as a Commodity. In the modern age the definition is extended to […]

Tax Management Definition

Active management of a portfolio to optimize tax implications, everything from simple reporting to tax strategies Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Tax Management every day. You […]

Access Control Definition

Access Control ensures that resources or data can only be accessed by those users who are entitled to. More on banking definitions later this week, when I write my next […]

FA Management Definition

FA Management ensures that financial books reflect current fixed assets balances accurately, and manages the inventory control count. (NEEDS REVISION FROM EFO FA) For more on FA Management, banking definitions […]

Email Content Filter Definition

A tool for filtering the content of email messages to identify unwanted material. We have thousands of other terms listed on and are rapidly becoming the authoritative source on […]

Firewall Definition

A device designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted communications between sections of a computer network and/or the Internet.? Personal Firewalls perform a similar function but act only on the PC […]

Channel Integration Management Definition

The ability to provide a common and consistent product, service or experience for clients in tandem across channels. I hope that my definition has helped you understand what Channel Integration […]

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