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Fees Management Definition

Fees management entails a charge paid to a mutual fund’s managers for their services; usually also includes fund administration costs and investor relations. Typically a certain percentage of assets under […]

Corporate Treasury Management Definition

Cash management manages the cash balances of an enterprise in such a fashion as to maximize the availability of cash not invested in fixed assets or inventories and also so […]

Business Intelligence Definition

The processes, technologies, and organization structures required to gather, access, and analyse information about the bank’s operations in order to better understand sales, production and operational costs, etc., in turn […]

Technical Analysis Definition

Technical Analysis is a study of securities and market variables that helps making investment decisions. The technical analyst based their decision on trade volume, demand and volatility. The ultimate goal […]

Capitalism Definition

Capitalism is a type of economic system which supports the free market i.e. the role of the state is to only regulate and protect business. Capitalism is the oldest believe […]

Application Data Capture Definition

The process of capturing the information required to fulfil a client request for a product, service, maintenance, or other action. For more on Application Data Capture, banking definitions and the […]

Strategy development Definition

Strategy development involves studying the alliance’s feasibility, objectives and rationale, focusing on the major issues and challenges and development of resource strategies for production, technology, and people. It requires aligning […]

Claims Processing Definition

The management of demands on the insurer for indemnification for a loss incurred from an insured event. Please browse the site for more words and abbreviations that you need to […]

Mutual Fund Definition

Mutual funds are a pool of funds created by investor companies or money managers to generate income on regular basis. Mutual funds consist of diversified portfolios, bonds, money markets or […]

Advanced Internal Rating-Based Definition

A set of credit risk measurement techniques proposed under Basel II capital adequacy rules for banking institutions. Under this approach the banks are allowed to develop their own empirical model […]

AMT Definition

AMT or an Alternative Minimum Tax is a mechanism imposed by the state on wealthy businesses, high income individuals or corporations to give a minimum amount of income tax. Another […]

IRA Definition

IRA or Individual Retirement Account is an account in the USA in which an individual can accumulate his annual tax. The tax is deducted only when there is a withdrawal […]

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