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In Lieu Of Definition

The process of avoiding foreclosure when a borrower mortgages a loan. This saves the time and cost in the loan procedure, public notoriety and makes the owner able to take […]

Marketing Definition

The process of planning and executing the promotion of ideas, goods, and services that satisfy individual and organizational goals. More the meaning of banking terms like Marketing? We have the […]

Total income Definition

Revenue (cash coming in through the door, paid to the business in exchange for a product or service). More the meaning of banking terms like Total income? We have the […]

Process Management Definition

Performance comparison of organization business processes against an internal or external standard of recognized leaders. Most often the comparison is made against a similar process in another organization considered to […]

Economy Of Scale Definition

A reduction in the per unit price of goods or product or service by a business that is a result of increase in production or services. There are two types […]

Workforce Mgmt. Definition

The processes, policies, technologies, and organization structures required to effectively manage the workforce, deploy, allocate, and reallocate staff, and forecast staffing needs. Come back to every time you need […]

Modelling & Simulation Definition

The ability to model and simulate processes the impact of new processes or potential changes to existing processes. More on banking definitions tomorrow, so please come back for more on […]

Annual Report Definition

This is the document describing the financial health of a public organization. The major portion of this document consists of reports including the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow […]

EBITDA Margin Definition

EBITDA margin is an indicator of business core profitability. It is a ratio of EBITDA to revenues. Please browse the site for more words and abbreviations that you need to […]


An Obligor is an entity who is contractually bound to another by a legal agreement.  They can also be described as the legal owner of an entity (as opposed to […]

Fair value unwind Definition

Fair value unwind is an accounting mechanism which ensures the value of assets is reflected accurately over time. Our life is a learning experience. Every day make sure you learn […]

Cashflow Definition

The movement of cash in and out of a business from day to day direct trading and other non-trading or indirect effects, such as capital expenditure, tax and dividend payments. […]

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