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Working Capital Definition

Working capital is the measure of liquid assets and is calculated by taking the difference of total assets and total liabilities. The greater the working capital the more the business […]

Client Servicing Definition

Providing client services by satisfying information inquiries initiated by the client. This is usually unattached to a specific product. Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Client Servicing […]

Monopoly Definition

Monopoly is a condition that occurs when there is a one business controlling certain service or certain type of product. A Monopoly is the extreme case in capitalism and suggests […]

Product Accounting Definition

Product Accounting provides systematic record keeping and reporting of an accounts (i.e., for multi-currency accounts and tax reporting) Join our mailing list or RSS feed for more advice on investment […]

Workforce Mgmt. Definition

The processes, policies, technologies, and organization structures required to effectively manage the workforce, deploy, allocate, and reallocate staff, and forecast staffing needs. Come back to every time you need […]

Gross Profit Definition

Gross profit of a business is the measure of how efficiently a business uses its resources such as labour, material, equipment to produce goods or services. This is calculated by […]

Profit Before Tax (PBT) Definition

A profitability measure that looks at a company’s profits before the company pays corporate income?tax. This measure?deducts all expenses from revenue, including interest expenses and?operating expenses, and impairments?but it leaves […]

Management Definition

Management comprises of an individual or a group of individuals who have power to make decisions, and define policies to manage a business. In multinationals of large business there can […]

Transacting Party

A Transacting Party is a Party that the bank has a transactional relationship with, either through the trading or the credit functions within the bank. A party may be a […]

Arm’s Length Transaction Definition

An Arm’s length transaction is a transaction in which the buyer and seller does not have any prior relationship and can not influence one another. The termed is often used […]

Workflow Management Definition

The movement and throughput of documents/tasks through a work process: task structures, task assignments, task order and synchronization, supporting information flow, and task tracking. I hope you enjoy today’s terms. […]

Define IntercontinentalExchange (ICE)

IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) is a USA-based electronic energy exchange.  ICE is used for CCP, and competitors include the London Clearing House (LCH). Related Definitions: CCP (Central CounterParty Clearing)

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