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Account Fulfilment Definition

Account fulfilment completes or executes an agreement with a client to open account. It involves attaining the data collected in the origination phase and then processing the application and the […]

Integrity Definition

Level of assurance that unauthorised modifications cannot be made (to data or systems. More the meaning of banking terms like Integrity? We have the largest database of definitions, all written […]

Information/Document Management Definition

Information management manages the organization’s information resources. Includes creating, capturing, registering, classifying, indexing, storing, retrieving and disposing of records and developing strategies to manage records. We have thousands of other […]

Escrow Definition

Escrow is a process of involving a neutral third party in a financial transaction that is held between two parties. The funds held by the third party are termed as […]

Rule Composition Definition

The ability to identify, formalize, define, and compose business rules. Visit for Finance terms. Learn financial terms like Rule Composition every day. You will start to leap ahead of […]

Portfolio Definition

Portfolio is a collection of assets such as stocks, shares and bonds by an individual or a business. Portfolios of a business or individual are managed by financial professional or […]

Annuity Definition

Annuity is a product offered by insurance companies or investment banks to which an individual or business contributes and gets a stream of equal payments monthly or in contingent periods. […]

Client Education Definition

The process of educating potential clients about supporting financial information, products and brands. I hope you enjoy today’s terms. Reading up on one new word per day will really help […]

Payee Definition

A person or business who receives a predetermined sum through a cheque, promissory note or bond is known to be a payee. I hope that my definition has helped you […]

Rule Traceability Definition

The ability to trace and manage the linkages of business rules that apply/ were applied to a given business scenario, transaction, or action request. Come back to every time […]

Call Definition

A Call is an option that gives the right to an issuer to purchase or repurchase an issued bond, security or any financial instrument at a said price before its […]

Financial Data Modelling Analytics Definition

Financial Data Modelling Analytics relates to providing analysis of financial data such that it facilitates business decision making and understanding of the business itself. For example, identify key relationship between […]

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