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Total income Definition

Revenue (cash coming in through the door, paid to the business in exchange for a product or service). More the meaning of banking terms like Total income? We have the […]

Long-Term Definition

A long term is associated with a long term investment by which a business invests into bonds, debentures, real estate and stocks. The maturity period is often 10 years or […]

Opportunity Cost Definition

Opportunity cost is the cost incurred for computing the best utilization of your income or asset. For example if you decide to invest in a security that yields a 2% […]

Supersede Definition

Supersede means taking place or power over something or someone. For example if you have a will and life insurance policy the insurance policy will supercede the will. More on […]

Client Profile Management Definition

Managing the profile (entire relationship) of a client as it pertains to the relationship with the bank. We have thousands of other terms listed on and are rapidly becoming […]

Consumer Definition

The end user who avails of the services of a business or buys a product is called a consumer or customer. The consumer can be an individual or a group […]

Call Definition

A Call is an option that gives the right to an issuer to purchase or repurchase an issued bond, security or any financial instrument at a said price before its […]

Interest Definition

Interest is a fee paid by a business or an individual to another business or individual for utilizing their money. Usually banks and other financial institutes lend money on a […]

Identity Theft Definition

Identity theft is when someone else steals your personal information without your knowledge and then uses it to masquerade as you to commit fraud. For more on Identity Theft, banking […]

Goodwill Definition

Goodwill is often described as an intangible asset because it is not physical such as land, equipment etc. So goodwill often reflects the value of Brand Name, Customer loyalty, employer […]

Indexing Definition

Indexing = pertains to record keeping, the process of establishing and applying terms or codes to records, to be used to retrieve them and to search for and analyse information […]

Derivative Definition

A derivative is an asset whose price depends upon other assets. Future and forward contracts or swaps are a good example of derivatives. They are used to avoid the fluctuation […]

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